Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Birthday to our Little Girl

Our baby, Daphne, at 3 mo.

3 mo.

6 mo.

9 mo (Halloween)

9 mo.

12 mo.

12 mo.
18 mo. old
18 mo. old

Today- 2 YEARS OLD :-) Our baby is now our little girl.
As she so loves to say now (but especially when she is drinking "tea")- her birthday has been "Exquisite!"


  1. So Beautiful.. and so much fun,
    Aunt Suzy

  2. Happy birthday, darling girl! I love this progression of photos of Daphne. She is such a joy!
    Cousin Janie

  3. What?! How is she two already?!

    I kept missing your blog posts but now you are in my Google reader (I think!) so maybe her third birthday won't be so sneaky.

    She's beautiful Kelly.