Thursday, August 20, 2009


In the last few months, on special occasions, we have welcomed a fun addition to our Sunday night gatherings at Momma Dough's mess hall- CUPCAKES!

And we're not talking your run of the mill, I didn't feel like baking a cake, cupcakes... but creative, TASTY, awesome cupcakes you don't know whether to frame or stick your face in.

These cupcakes were made for Poppa Dough's birthday. Doesn't it just look like it belongs in a Dr. Suess book? I love these ones!

And then there was Bobby's Birthday.

Only appropriately, Bobby got a baseball field for his birthday- Cards vs. Cubs, of course! Please note the Cincinnati Reds fan on the sideline for Aunt Lisa. Nice work, Momma Dough.

The bats were made from pretzels and the bases were made from hand-cut graham crackers... I mean, how clever is that??

She even made umpires!

Then I was Daphne's Baptism where she made a cross with Daphne's name on it, cupcakes with a water symbol on them, and a sweet garden.

And the latest masterpiece was the BALLS for little E.

This one is real, but you can hardly believe some of the ones below are completely edible!

tennis ball


Red Bouncy Ball

Bowling Ball

Soccer ball

Koosh ball




Wiffle Ball

The entire compilation

Unfortunately, we just get to look at them now, not eat them... oh well, I'm sure there will be more cupcakes in our future! Thank you, Momma Dough!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

there goes the peace

YIKES! Daphne is pulling up in her crib! I went to check on her after putting her down for a nap today because the little noises hadn't totally stopped and this is what I saw:

And this was obviously followed by the most impressive, shit-eating grin I've ever seen...

Although this is a huge accomplishment/milestone for her, I honestly don't know if she's more excited to be standing, or to find out what the railing of her crib tastes like.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


On Monday night, as I was messing around in the kitchen, I heard from the family room a very distinct, very new sound. Daphne said, without a doubt, "Mom-ma." I don't think it was necessarily directed at me, but I can't tell you how excited we are! Bobby heard it too and he's convinced that it's for me, but I just think she knows it's a word she hears a lot. REGARDLESS, I'm so proud of her!! And she's using it quite a lot now. I am just little excited that her first word was Mama. It feels a pretty awesome.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The latest trend in farmer's tans

Daphne is trying to be fashion forward, but I am afraid her latest trend might not pick up.

It's a little hard to tell from these pictures, but she is sporting the most impressive cankle tan line and arm roll tan line that has ever been sported.

Apparently 50 proof sun-screen be damned, she thinks this is trendy and my girl is not going to be ashamed of her impressive rolls!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

and in this corner...

Weighing in at an impressive 19 lbs, 8.75 oz (94%),

Standing at a height of 28 inches (>97%),

and a head circumference of 45 cm (96%)- the great Daphne Jane!

Yes, again, she is BIG and proportional. Actually our doctor said, "She's as tall as a 1 year old, with the head of an 11 month old and the weight of a 10 month old." Direct Quote. Yes, she is 6 months old.

She also said that "Daphne could pummel all other 6 month olds I know." Direct quote. Hilarious!

OH, and she's crawling now... very well too. She started crawling on July 25th, but perfected it last weekend, and now she is on the move. So long coffee table for coffee... our mornings together are numbered!!