Friday, April 16, 2010

under new management

Ok, the silence on my end is unforgivable... but let's pretend like it is, ok? I am so sorry for no pics of our growing gal, life has been steady and a bit crazy, but it's calming down now, so hopefully I can share some Daphne more often.

As for the title- Daphne is now my new Boss. I am going to be home with her during the week and I can hardly wait. I have taken a job working every other weekend, and can't wait to get time with her.

The one thing I know she'll be at a disadvantage for is exposure to other kids... then I remember that she has 7 cousins in town... and I think we'll manage!

I just LOVE that Charlie is trying not to smile and Calum and Jack both know they are suppose to and do it now... crazy how they grow up, isn't it??

And, she has her four girlfriends (cousins) to keep her in check. I'll be reporting to work every morning around 6:30 am and checking out around 7:30 pm. Can't wait!