Wednesday, September 30, 2009


How fun are little people? This picture was taken two weeks ago, in a crazy evening where all parents, except Matt and Lisa, ditched their kids with the grandparents (including Denny and Dara) and were out on the town. So, the ratio of kids to adults was 1:1. Needless to say, it sounded eventful. BUT- wonderful things did come out of the night, like this shot :-)

This past Sunday, I was able to play paparazzi and here are the results. Daphne is ALL about Audrey!

Check out this sassy outfit- thanks to the Peckham girls!

And Jack and Cal are ALL about Daphne!

Now, for the cutest pictures of all time...

I think there is going to be some very loud girl talk in our years to come.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

just some shots

These are just a few of the many faces of our little Daphne.

Please note the slight "milk"-tinged drool... very becoming!

Her favorite past time- reading. Right now the "hot" book is "Hungry Harry" about Harry the Frog. Yes, it is as interesting as you're imagining.

Monday, September 21, 2009

growing up

Here are just a few updated photos of our girl. It's so hard to believe how fast she's growing up!

But everyday, every action is an event in her life, and it is such a treat to watch.

Doesn't she just look like a little girl in this picture? If you ever wondered why we love to smother her with kisses, this picture might help you know why!

She is my little beauty.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

attempting to capture perpetual motion

Apparently perpetual motion is hard to capture- even with a nice camera.

Since our little girl has become mobile, it has been harder to catch her on film.

Here are a few of the pictures of my close up attempts...

They almost all end up with her trying to get the camera in my lap.

Somehow, I think I have worried her in this one. I often call her my "eternal skeptic" since this is the face she greets most new people with. It cracks me up! She just looks sooo troubled!

And then this is how all "photo shoots" end up these days -- with a lot of drool and one hand on the camera!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Sorry for the delay in posting. I actually have no idea how it is September, but alas, I guess I am officially a mother.

Little Miss Daphne is still flashing that toothless grin. However, one new addition to our little girl is hair- although still not that much. Although, she does have enough to get bedhead and it is hilarious! She actually has hair tufts in exactly the same spot as her Daddy.

Our lucky little girl is going to know the importance of a comb when she gets older ;-)

Oh, and a quick word update- still no Da-da, but a ton of Ma-ma and Ba-ba. We actually think that she thinks Bobby is Ba-ba because she crawls to him and says this and crawls to me and says Ma-ma. I think it's because I call Bobby Bobby and he calls me Mommy... I guess I better change my verbiage!!