Thursday, April 7, 2011

April? When did you get here?

She is no longer a birthday girl, and this shows her discontent at my failing to document two months worth of Daphne face time... see that admonishment!

It might have been a bit of a long winter...
And this poor girl had to put up/be entertained by her mommy a little more than she might have liked...
And, yes, we might get ants...
But, take a picture of a toddler and show them their own face- and you fully redeem yourself and you redeem fun!

Then, take a picture of yourself- and the light sparks again.
and then you get the laugh that can sustain you for another cold winter.
There is nothing quite like a mommy that is willing to humiliate themselves- and then post it online.
Too bad I can't share the laugh this one got on here. She actually cried tears of laughter.
Sorry for the posting delay- if you're still reading this! I'll try to behave as school slows down for the next two months and share these laughs and fun times more often.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Birthday to our Little Girl

Our baby, Daphne, at 3 mo.

3 mo.

6 mo.

9 mo (Halloween)

9 mo.

12 mo.

12 mo.
18 mo. old
18 mo. old

Today- 2 YEARS OLD :-) Our baby is now our little girl.
As she so loves to say now (but especially when she is drinking "tea")- her birthday has been "Exquisite!"

Friday, January 21, 2011

daddy's little helper

With the latest impressive snowfall, Daphne insisted on shoveling with daddy. With daddy's creative thinking, we realized we had a perfect Daphne's sized shovel- the garden shovel, and she began her hard work.

She also insisted that mommy could not help but that I had to instead make snow angels while daddy and her shoveled.
I think she is going to give us a run for our money in about 10 more years... as if she isn't doing that now :-)
Slow work for that girl... at least she thinks she's helping.