Tuesday, December 21, 2010

another successful santa

When Santa came to our Christmas Eve party last year, Daphne was not the biggest fan.
She does fine with Santa Clause in public places... but she is NOT ok with him in the private of our home. At least as of one year ago.

But, last year when she got to see Santa, she did fine- in public.
And, she did fine this year as well. She might not look happy, but she loved it...
She did refuse to smile the whole time, but I promise she was happy.
She refused to look at Santa, but she loved him so much.

When she got down from his lap, she was given a present, but all she wanted was "Santa again? Santa again?". She could have cared less about her present! I can't wait to see how it will go when Santa visits our Christmas Eve party at Grandma and Poppa's this year. Promise I will post pictures! :-)

Merry Christmas... or as Daphne says, "Ho, ho, Ho, CHRISTMAS!"

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  1. She looks like she's contemplating what she will get for Christmas...